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Request Title# PrayersSubmitted On 
charity0August 10, 2023Details
Healing 1May 8, 2023Details
surgery & travels2May 7, 2023Details
prayer request1March 11, 2023Details
Child in crisis2February 15, 2023Details
God’s will1January 30, 2023Details
friends & family3January 20, 2022Details
Daughter depression 3January 19, 2022Details
Stroke5January 9, 2022Details
several0January 1, 2022Details
Marina H. Cancer1September 23, 2021Details
Cancer0August 1, 2021Details
Spouse/Former Member2June 23, 2021Details
Former member5June 23, 2021Details


please pray for a good man V. to get a several calls and messages with offers of home for the dogs, cats and kittens living in his animal charity society. Thanks


Pray to heal Viola Cleo Bradshaw stroke, mind needs total restoration, heal depression, grief, loss, loneliness, split personality disorder, sleep disorder, hair growth, stop hair loss, mind needs renewal, heal nasal cavity desperate need due to brokenness, pray to return spiritual gifts, with millions of angels and archangel Pahalia, lift up Cordelia Vogel, heal her mind and heart trouble and family tree.

surgery & travels

Rosie Swisher
Please surround our friend Stan Hildreth in prayer as he undergoes hip replacement surgery on Monday May 8th. Gary & I would also like to ask for prayers for our safety and patience as we travel home to Ohio for the summer. We will begin our trip on Tuesday May 9th and arrive at our Ohio home the evening of Thursday May 11th.

prayer request

samuel h
Please pray that God would help my career.

Child in crisis

Grandson in hospital after emotional breakdown . He is 15.

God’s will

Ha-yeong Shin
Please pray the following for Ha-young, Ye-young, Ui-seop, Jung-won, Hye-ok, Yul-bin, Suzy, Eun-tae, In-sook, Im-hak, Tan-ae, and for all of you. I want the will of the true God, who knows all our needs, to transcend our personal will. 1??. Pray that Jesus Christ will speak the following words come true to us — 1)“Ask the Lord of the harvest, to send out his workers into his harvest field.” -[Luke? ?10?:?2?] 2)“When someone stronger(Jesus) than he(demon, unclean spirits, = thieves) attacks him, he takes away from him all his armor on which he had relied and distributes his plunder.”[ ??Luke? ?11?:?22? ] 2??.Help us keep the commandments by the will of Jesus Christ and let God’s promised kingdom come. 3??. Pray for Jesus Christ to reveal to us the work of Father God and for that will to be done perfectly and holy. I want that the Son wills to reveal the Father God to us and reveal Him directly to us. 4??. Let us worship Father God in the Spirit and in truth but let us worship not according to a person’s will but solely by the will intended by Jesus.

friends & family

Susan Hoppe
Chris Coffey Jack & Chelsea Hills

Daughter depression

Please pray for my daughter's addiction physical mental and emotional pain. Please pray for her depression loneliness emptiness fears and suicidal thoughts. Please pray for her safety health finances happiness and salvation. Thank you and God bless you.


Howie Hohwiesner
Please pray that Howie will regain his balance, and the use of his left wrist and hand. He is in an intense rehab facility.


anonymous anonymous
Miranda and her 3 girls for more faith: Madison, Madeline, Meredith. Salvation for family and friends. Deeper faith for prayer partners both near and far. Wisdom with love to witness and to serve others in all place, in all seasons, in Christ for Christ. God would open a way for me to finish the 15 credits I need to get my license. God would bless Steve and Martin for helping me get through a rough two weeks. Thank you.

Marina H. Cancer

Steven & Debbie Smith
Our close friend, Marina H. of N. Fort Myers shared with us yesterday that she has a late-stage cancer and the prognosis is not positive. Marina is a single mother and has a 14 year old son. Please pray for Marina and her son as they go through this very sad period.


Our daughter -in-law has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She also hasa st on her lung and 3 spots on her liver. She has 2 forms of breast cancer, one of which is aggressive. Please pray for her. She will have her second chemo treatment this Tuesday and a liver biopsy on Wednesday. Thank you for prayers. Larry and Terry Spooner

Spouse/Former Member

Barbara Durham
Jerry had his ablation on 6/22 where they burned nerves between the disks. Please pray that it is successful.

Former member

Jerry Durham
Jerry had an Ablation where they burn the nerves between the discs. Please pray that it works!
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