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Request Title# PrayersSubmitted On 
Son3May 27, 2020Details
Six Prayer Requests2May 27, 2020Details
Four Prayer Requests 2May 27, 2020Details
Family and Friend2May 27, 2020Details
GOD3May 21, 2020Details
Three Prayer Requests2May 21, 2020Details
Friends and family3May 21, 2020Details
accident4May 20, 2020Details


Judy Flandorfer
My Son and his family

Six Prayer Requests

Barbara White
Dave's Sister, Pastor Phil who lost niece, Theresa Dickerson, Marilyn & Leonard's health, Family and friends salvation, Great Revival throughout the world.

Four Prayer Requests

Kathy Schoolcraft
Travel mercies, healthy strong new puppy, sore foot, heart tests

Family and Friend

Dave Gliick
Debbe Skirpan Cindy Cross


Barbara White
God bless America and deliver us from evil God send revival throughout the world God rebuke the devil and push him back

Three Prayer Requests

Kathy Schoolcraft
Travel mercies June 10 & 11, Healthy puppy, Adjust thyroid

Friends and family

Dave Gliick
Cindy Cross and Debbe Skirpan


Sonya Hammond-Powell
Grandson Banyan, his mom, new baby and friend Chris in car accident. Nothing major at this time providing the new baby is ok. Amanda is 11 weeks pregnant
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