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Request Title# PrayersSubmitted On 
Neighbors0September 13, 2020Details
Friends & Families1August 26, 2020Details
Friends and the World1August 26, 2020Details
Gina DiGironimo0August 14, 2020Details
Friends and family1August 13, 2020Details
Storm1August 13, 2020Details
3 prayer requests1August 13, 2020Details
Niece, Gina DiGironimo2August 13, 2020Details
Friends and family2August 13, 2020Details


Carole Semo
John and Marylou Noble, He's in hospital and expected to go to Rehab. She's legally deaf, missing him terribly..Hard to make her understand why she can't visit him. Another neighbor, Jan Dvorak, who is currently in Iowa and looking forward to returning to Fl. is in rehab for dislocated shoulder and not responding to the treatment..Pray that she doesn't need more surgery and delaying her return to Fla.

Friends & Families

George Voit
Please pray for: Pastor Bob & wife Kathy and families Joanne Beck All on Prayer Chain Richard Rittenhouse & Family Alice Marie Windy, Jake and Family

Friends and the World

Barbara White
Please pray for: Jay Don Gloria S. Leonard USA & World Revival

Gina DiGironimo

Barbara DiGironimo
Thank you for praying for my niece Gina DiGironimo. She is out of the hospital and doing fine. I appreciate all your prayers.

Friends and family

Barbara White
Don White - cancer Gloria Smith - cancer Jay - legs Leonard & Marilyn - health issues Corriner & Phil Pastor Phil & Connie - COVID in daughter Connie Peace, Unity, Revival in USA


Kathy Hanley
All those affected by tropical storm, no electricity

3 prayer requests

Kathy Schoolcraft
Health, tired, and weight gain

Niece, Gina DiGironimo

Barbara DiGironimo
She blacked out and fell in the shower hitting her head. In hospital 7/31 in NJ and still not responsive.

Friends and family

Dave Gliick
Cindy Cross Debbe Skirpan Marie Lennox
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.
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